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Welcome to Fitzgerald Building Services

Building Contractors in Aylesbury

Based in Aylesbury, Fitzgerald Building Services offer a wide variety of building and property services to domestic and commercial clients. Builders in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

Fitzgerald Building Services is an experienced construction specialist with more than 20 years’ industry experience. Our skilled, time served team of builders provide a professional service to clients throughout Buckinghamshire, Aylesbury and the surrounding areas.

We undertake all manner of construction work including extensions, landscaping and new build projects. We have also delivered conservation work at several listed buildings throughout the area.

As an independent contractor, we are able to keep our overheads low, allowing us to offer competitive rates with a friendly, personal service.

We supply only high quality materials chosen for their style and durability, allowing you to create the look you want for your property. Fitzgerald Building Services project manage from concept to completion, working closely with reputable local contractors to deliver any plumbing or electrical requirements.

We can also provide a JCB where required to complete any necessary excavation or demolition work.

We are public liability insured for £10 million and all work is completed in accordance with relevant building regulations for our customers’ peace of mind.

To find out how we can help with your next construction project, get in touch today for your free estimate.

Extensions- From single storey extensions to whole house double extensions.

New Build – From 2 storey new builds upwards

Driveways- Including block paving, shingle or concrete

Patios and Decking- Including slabs, block paving and all types of decking

Brickwork – Including all types of stone work

Landscaping – Including, retaining walls, sleepers, turfing

Groundworks- Footings, drainage, and concrete blocks

Drainage- Including soakaways and drainage specialist

Fencing- Close boarding, panels and security fencing

Demolition and site clearance – of any size


If you need professional construction specialists at your property, Fitzgerald Building Services is the name you can trust. To find out more, get in touch today to discuss your requirements.

Services We Offer

New build construction
Patios and decking
Demolition and site clearance
...and much more

Your Go-To Guide For Understanding The Many Tasks Of Builders

‘When I grow up I want to be a builder!’ It’s a statement that many little boys (and a few little girls!) make. Granted many of them will go on to have professions which are a far cry from that of being a builder, that being said it is still an aspiration that can lead to a successful and satisfying career.

To understand the many tasks of builders we need to take a closer look at the role itself and the type of qualities a person needs to excel in this field of work. Perhaps there could not be a better way to introduce ourselves to the work of builders than to take a peek in their toolbox!

A Builder’s Toolbox Speaks For Itself

Toolboxes that builders carry with them will often be laden down with a colossal amount of tools and equipment, with one builder’s contents varying from another. That being said, there are a few items that you can be pretty much guaranteed to find if you open the toolbox of any builder across the country. Here’s the top necessities that builders carry with them:

  • Electrical tools
  • A variety of nails
  • A hammer
  • A variety of screws
  • A screwdriver
  • Levels

What does the contents of the toolbox tell us about the tasks of builders? In a word; variation! It would be hard to describe the work of a builder as boring or monotonous, in fact the tasks and duties can vary considerably, meaning that at times no two hours are the same, let alone no two days!

How Does The Tasks Of Builders Go Hand In Hand With The Work Of The Architect?

The architect is responsible for designing the structure of a building, This may be a residential home, an office complex, a hotel or any other type of structure. Some architects will specialise in a particular building type, while others will have expertise in all types. The architect will create the blueprints and make needed adjustments before the building work begins.

While the architect is responsible for the design, it is the builders who oversee the process of construction. So do these two professionals act independently from each other? In most cases the opposite is the case.

Just as a professional builder will appreciate the expertise and skills of a good architect, a reputable architect will also respect and make use of the professional experience and skill set that a good builder has. Often the two may discuss the challenges of the construction process together, or seek advice from the other before implementing a certain aspect of the build.

Indeed it is often the skills and experience of good builders that can help to shape and improve the design plans of the architect. In this sense it becomes clear that the tasks of the architect and the builder overlap in many ways. When the two work together well, are passionate about their area of work and are driven by a desire to meet deadlines and produce quality work, the match can prove very effective for the client.

Other Than The Actual Building Work, What Else Are Builders Responsible For?

When we think of the profession of a builder, we may simply have the idea that the job involves laying bricks and preparing cement. Certainly these tasks are crucial to the successful completion of a building project, however the tasks of the builder involve a whole lot more. Here are a few examples of duties which a builder is often responsible for:

  • Ensuring any necessary permits are obtained.
  • Organising a survey of the land.
  • Laying out the drainage needs of the project.

Once the land has been fully prepared the building work commences. The builder will be on site for the length of the project, right through to completion. They will be responsible for ensuring that the entire structure is built correctly and that the plans are stuck to in each area.

What Are The General Stages Of Construction That Builders Are Responsible For?

When building a new house, the general process of construction will be as follows:

  • Laying of the foundations.
  • Erection of the house frame
  • Laying of the roof
  • Plumbing and electrical work to give the house power and water
  • A variety of tradesmen to complete various aspects of the project.

The above mentioned tradesmen may include carpenters to lay the flooring, landscapers to care for the exterior space and so forth. Since the builder is responsible for organising and coordinating all of these tradespeople he should have a good set of specific skills, as outlined below.

What Type Of Skills Does A Person Need To Have If They Want To Become A Builder?

The skill set for a builder encompasses a number of factors. One area is that of physical well being. Being a builder requires a substantial amount of physical work and being able to work in all weather types. Of course you don’t need to be a professional athlete, but you should have reasonably good health, enjoy physical activities and be weather resilient.

However, the role isn’t just about brawn, brains are needed to! As noted above, the builder is responsible for ensuring that the construction process follows the plans and is carried out safely and correctly, this is no easy task. In addition, there will be an abundance of tradesmen to cater for, making sure that they are on site at the right time, have been correctly informed of the plans and are able to carry out the work to a high standard.

Certainly the work of a builder is complex and skilled. It involves a variety of tasks and requires a key skill set, as well as passion and dedication. However, while the work involves challenges it has the potential to be rewarding and satisfying. Perhaps that is why so many little boys instinctively know that being a builder is the job for them!